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Hearts in Christ: Where Are You Anchored?

As we sail through life’s trials and victories, we are ever prone to the realization that it feels good to invest our worth in places other than our God. Our work, a relationship, others’ perceptions of us, all promise us joy, security, and future. We fill our heart’s throne (the place Lord was meant to live) with little trophies of what we’ve won in life: what we own, what we’ve accomplished, signs that we are admired by those we wished to please.

We set sail with our treasures and we set these trophies–our heart’s anchors–down in turbulent seas. We congratulate ourselves for our ability to finesse the waters. How clever, how wonderful must we be to have beaten the odds!

But even more, we think we will be safe here. We fail to notice crashing waves, unforgiving rocks, and menacing creatures down below. As we sleep, these rocks and waves pull relentlessly at cords tying ship to anchor, and heart to desire. And when those cords inevitably, painfully snap, we are left reeling, off balance, utterly surprised and equally broken.

Foolishly, we look to God and ask why He forsook us to the raging sea, why he failed to deliver what He promised. We fail to realize we were never forsaken, that it was us who turned back on what we promised. And what does God say back to his prodigal children, who gave their hearts away?

He smiles and points the way to calmer waters: a serene and silent bay, where the sun shines down its warmth, and light reflects off clearest waves. He gives us a new, unbreakable chord and anchor. He reminds us, once again, of His enduring peace.

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Hi all! I'm a Doctoral student studying Counseling Psychology. I love talking about mental health, physical wellness, faith, and all things psychology! I also am a Christian, a runner, Netflix enthusiast, and a dog lover. Thanks for stopping by!


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