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Journaling Series for When You’re Worrying About What People Think

Any of my fellow people-pleasers out there??

I am a total people-pleaser, and also kind of a perfectionist. So, naturally, that means that I want people to think I’m …perfect. Unfortunately, I, like the rest of us, am not. So, when I inevitably make mistakes, it can be really easy to jump to some pretty critical (not to mention irrational) ways of thinking about myself. And the funny thing is, what I believe others are thinking about me is almost never accurate.

Oh, the irony of anxiety.

Below is a series of journal prompts I developed for times when we are really caught up in fears about what people think. These prompts were designed to be answered in a series to help us move from a place of worry to a place of understanding, hope, and rationality.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Journal Prompts for When You’re Worried About What Others Think

Right now, I find myself worrying that people think I’m . . . (e.g., stupid, socially awkward, lazy etc.).

These worries are often sparked by situations in which . . . (e.g., I feel left out by my friends, my boss seems unsatisfied with my performance, etc.)

These thoughts boil down to the theme of . . .(e.g., me needing to feel liked by other people, my desire to do well at my job, etc.)

This matters to me because . . . (e.g., I care a lot about having close friendships, etc.)

My fears are valid, and I shouldn’t feel bad for having them. However, the way I feel is also not evidence that my feeling is actually true. Often times, people see me more positively than I think they do. A time when someone had kind things to say about me was . . . (e.g., a time a friend said I was very thoughtful, etc.)

Ultimately, what matters is how I view myself. I love that I am . . . (e.g., resilient, funny, kind, generous, etc.)


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