Introduction: Faith

For me, I view my faith as intimately related to every other area of my life, but particularly to my emotional well-being. I think there is something in us that longs for our Creator; the grace and peace He offers us is uniquely satisfying to souls that thirst for the love only He can give. Though I believe these truths with my whole heart, I fail so often to live my life in a way that reflects the extent of the grace I’ve been given. I consistently struggle with forgetting my worth in Christ, who I am in Him, and how deeply I am loved. To fill the void, I try to find worth in other places, which inevitably leave me wanting. Thankfully, my God is patient and unceasingly kind. He waits for me to remember Him, and loves me like I never left. I am writing this series as a reminder to myself, and maybe to you too, that I want my words and deeds to reflect the kindness I’ve received; that I want to walk in step with the King of Kings; that I want to submit my will to the Author of my story.