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5 Ways to Find Motivation to Exercise

We all love the high that comes from finishing a good workout. It makes us feel good, it’s good for us, blah blah blah. The trouble is, getting to the gym is often very, very difficult. Why is it that, after a day of sitting, continuing to sit feels so good?? As a former college athlete, I have been on both sides of this dilemma: at certain points in my life, I have been the person who effortlessly goes to the gym most days. More recently, I have also experienced the daily struggle of not having the motivation to get off the cozy couch. Below are some simple steps to bridge the gap. 1. Expand your idea of what a “work out” is. When a lot of us think of “exercise,” we have a mental picture of sweating on an elliptical, hating every minute of it. Exercise is anything that involves moving your body. Walking is a workout. Dancing is a workout. Spending 2 hours going on what my husband calls a “cleaning rampage” is …

Series Introduction: Wellness

The connection between mind and body has been widely studied and consistently replicated. Staying active, along with eating some certain kinds of foods, has been found to alleviate a variety of symptoms related to mental health. As a lover of exercise and former college athlete, I love being active in a way that feels good both physically and emotionally. Here, I will explore healthy eating, motivation for exercise, development of a routine that works for you, and body positivity.